Social Workers

Social Workers

Resources for You and Your Family

Innovative Hematology uses a team approach to care. Our social workers are trained to help patients with bleeding disorders and their families get through rough times.

Case Management

The Innovative Hematology social workers help you find the best ways to handle issues that affect your health. Your social worker can help you coordinate care with other providers and work through big changes in your life. Their job is to help make managing your life with a bleeding or blood disorder easier.


Having a hematologic disorder can be stressful. Your social worker can help you with general advice or mental health treatment for the pressures you face in many parts of your life.

Help for Families

Our social workers provide information and resources for the patients and families in our clinic. We offer help with special programs, scholarships, and bleeding and blood disorder organizations. We also work with families to overcome barriers and challenges. Innovative Hematology’s social workers help you to handle your bleeding disorder with confidence.


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