Pharmacy Team

Pharmacy Team

Advanced Knowledge and Coordination

Many Innovative Hematology patients use our in-house pharmacies for hemophilia and other blood disorder medication services. Our pharmacy teams specialize in the medications you need to manage your condition and offer important information about these medications and their uses.


You may choose any pharmacy for hemophilia or other blood disorder treatment options, but the IHTC and Indiana BloodWoRx pharmacy can provide additional resources regardless of where you fill your prescriptions. With advanced knowledge of bleeding and blood disorder drugs and their interactions, our pharmacy teams can help you and your other doctors understand any potential interactions before they become problems.


Innovative Hematology pharmacists are part of your care team—helping you stay informed and on track with your medications and treatment. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that this level of coordination significantly reduces risks for bleeding disorder patients.


Our pharmacy teams can help you adjust your medication and troubleshoot any issues you have with the prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you take. To take advantage of blood disorder medication counseling, contact the IHTC Pharmacy or Indiana BloodWoRx. For hemophilia and other blood disorder patients, medication use and monitoring can be critical. Innovative Hematology pharmacy teams can help.

Pharmacy Team