Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists

Physical TherapistsUniquely Specialized PT

Hemophilia and other blood disorders often impact muscles and joints, causing ongoing pain. At Innovative Hematology we find that physical therapy significantly improves patient quality of life. Innovative Hematology physical therapists are specially trained in hemophilia and other blood disorders. We have years of experience applying physical therapy treatments to the unique conditions blood disorder patients face.

Recovery & Rehab

Our PTs specialize in physical therapy for hemophilia and other blood disorders. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, surgery, or bleeding episode, Innovative Hematology physical therapists work with your care team to help you improve faster.

Patient Education

Making changes to your lifestyle and activities can help reduce chronic joint and muscle pain. Our PTs provide step-by-step education to help you make the best choices to improve your quality of life.

Expert Counseling

Innovative Hematology physical therapists work closely with hemophilia and other blood disorder patients to deliver one-on-one counseling. We help you minimize risk when you’re considering recreational and athletic activities. Our physical therapists train you to participate with less difficulty. And no matter what type of activity you do, Innovative Hematology monitors your joint and muscle health to spot any problems early.