Patient Insurance Coordinators

Patient Insurance Coordinators

Simplifying Insurance Access and Benefits

We know that hemophilia and other blood disorder costs can be overwhelming. Confusing insurance regulations add stress to your diagnosis. At Innovative Hematology, our Patient Insurance Coordinators simplify the process so you can manage your condition and finances more easily.

Find A Health Plan

The state of Indiana licenses our Patient Insurance Coordinators to help patients find a plan through the Healthcare Marketplace, Medicare, or Medicaid. We work with you to find the best plan for your needs and circumstances, and then assist you with the application process.

Understand Your Benefits

Whether you have coverage through your job or a public program, knowing what your plan covers is important. Innovative Hematology Patient Insurance Coordinators understand how your blood disorder impacts your coverage requirements. Regardless of your plan, we help you manage blood disorder and hemophilia costs so you get the care you need.

Keep Costs Down

We continuously research new assistance and discount programs that may benefit our patients. If a program fits your profile, we make sure you’re informed. Our team also works with your Innovative Hematology social worker so that you never have to go without medical care for your blood disorder.

Patient Insurance Coordinators

Questions About Insurance Coverage?