Innovative Hematology

Innovative Hematology

Innovative Hematology treats blood disorders—from common to rare—every day.

Your medical home for comprehensive hematology careYour medical home for comprehensive hematology care

Innovative Hematology, Inc. (IHI), a non-profit organization, treats blood disorders every day. IHI is a certified medical home that provides excellent patient-centered health care.

Innovative Hematology is home to the Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center (also known as the IHTC, a non-profit organization). IHTC is one of the nation’s top federally recognized hemophilia treatment centers. IHTC treats:

Innovative Hematology also treats:

Treating blood disorders throughout IndianaTreating blood disorders throughout Indiana

Innovative Hematology is here for you and your family with a care network that reaches across the entire state. For more than 25 years, we’ve been providing a future where you can flourish with a blood disorder by coordinating the resources you need—all in one place—with specialized physicians, advanced practice providers, and a large support team including physical therapists, a clinical psychologist, genetic counselors, a pharmacy, social workers, a nutritionist, career counselors, and dental hygienists.

Experience Innovative Hematology’s unique approach to careExperience Innovative Hematology’s unique approach to care

What really makes us different is our approach to you and your care. Yes, we treat patients. But, more than that, we care for you as a person. We get to know you and your family—many times across multiple generations. We wouldnʼt trade this for anything. And itʼs why we go out of our way to do more for you and your family.

You can see our dedication in the little things: the way an actual person answers the phone or how we take the time to sit down and explain—in as much detail as you need—about your medicine and treatment plans. Itʼs why we carefully coordinate days when you might have multiple appointments at our center so you arenʼt wasting time.

You can see our dedication in the bigger things: We are leaders in blood disorder research and innovation, which means access to treatments others might not have. We have adult and pediatric hematology and multidisciplinary care in the same place—and specialized nurses who work to transition your care within our program when you are ready. If transportation is an issue, weʼll help you figure it out.

We could go on. But the best way to understand our care is simply to experience it, because doing everything we can to give you and your family a healthy, happy life—and providing a future where you can flourish—is what we’re all about.

You might say it’s in our blood.


Our Vision

A future where people with rare blood disorders flourish


Our Mission

Innovative Hematology and the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center are committed to providing the highest quality comprehensive services and holistic care to patients with bleeding, clotting, and other hematologic disorders, and to their families.


Our Values

We challenge the status quo. We seek opportunities to advance and achieve superior patient care. We embrace ongoing learning.

High Quality
We strive for excellence in all we do. Each of us is committed to the highest standards. Do your best and expect it from others.

We collaborate and communicate between individuals, across departments, and with patients and families. We work with other care providers and agencies to achieve best outcomes. We collaborate with state, regional, and national organizations to achieve common goals.

We give, serve, and do what is necessary to meet the needs of our patients and their families. We do what is right for patients and staff. We identify and remove barriers to care. We deeply care for our patients and families.