Comprehensive Bleeding Disorder Clinics

Comprehensive Bleeding Disorder Clinics

Treating Every Aspect of Your Health

Research proves that comprehensive care provided through a federally recognized hemophilia treatment center helps bleeding disorder patients live longer, healthier lives with fewer health complications and lower associated healthcare costs. As Indiana’s only federally recognized comprehensive hemophilia treatment center, Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center (IHTC) maintains a multidisciplinary care team unequaled by any other facility in Indiana.

Continuity Of Care

IHTC patients receive continuity of care spanning from birth to adulthood, with a range of services that address physical and emotional health and support in work, school, and family life. IHTC’s expert multidisciplinary team includes hematology physician specialists, a wide range of nursing services, risk management, social work, physical therapy, nutritional and dental services, genetic counseling, career counseling, psychology, child life services, research, and pharmacy services.

Annual Comprehensive Bleeding Disorder Clinic

While IHTC bleeding disorder patients have access to our multidisciplinary team every day, we also provide a free, annual comprehensive clinic visit with the entire multidisciplinary team to evaluate the patient’s treatment plan and provide updated individualized recommendations from each multidisciplinary team member.

One month following the comprehensive clinic visit, the patient and his or her designated primary care physician receive a comprehensive report including a summary of medical history and treatment or lifestyle recommendations from each multidisciplinary team member.

Comprehensive Bleeding Disorder Clinics