Joint Health Clinic

Joint Health Clinic

Targeted Screening and Physical Therapy for Hemophilia Patients

The Joint Health Clinic specifically focuses on keeping joints healthy. This clinic is held at our office in Indianapolis as well as at our many outreach sites throughout the state of Indiana.

A visit to the Joint Health Clinic is typically much shorter than a comprehensive clinic appointment and includes a complete physician and physical therapy evaluation. Patients who benefit from this clinic include those on prophylaxis or immune tolerance and/or those who are experiencing multiple bleeding episodes in the same joint. Typical services offered at the Joint Health Clinic include:

Medical Management

  • Review bleeding logs and/or bleeding history to determine if your current treatment is working
  • Determine any problems affecting your ability to follow the treatment plan
  • Use of laboratory evaluation (factor levels) to modify your infusion schedule/dose if needed
  • Identify the need for additional medications and treatment to keep you healthy
  • Determine the need for radiologic studies (MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound) to evaluate joint health
  • Identify early joint changes

Physical Therapy

  • Discuss the connection between joint bleeding and joint disease
  • Evaluate your body alignment and movement to identify anything that might put extra stress on joints
  • Counsel on exercise/sports and maintaining an active lifestyle
  • Develop home programs for joint strengthening/rehabilitation
  • Determine the need for equipment such as splints, crutches, etc.
  • Assess joints for problems with stability and function
  • Complete an ultrasound assessment of joints—ankles, knees, and elbows—if needed
  • Education plays an important role in the Joint Health Clinic. We work together to identify appropriate physical activities depending on your specific condition and lifestyle.
Joint Health Clinic


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