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For Educators: Online Learning Modules for Bleeding Disorders and Sickle Cell Disease

Manage Issues Related to Bleeding Disorders and Sickle Cell at School

The School Educator Program includes three videos on Hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease awareness and Sickle Cell Disease. These videos address the issues related to care of individuals with bleeding disorders or sickle cell disease in a school setting. All school professionals are encouraged to view these videos. These programs assist the school nurse and others in coordinating care for students with a bleeding disorder or sickle cell disease.

Innovative Hematology has developed this program as an adjunct to the services provided by the Innovative Hematology Career Counselors.

Online Learning Modules

The Partners in Bleeding and Thrombotic Disorders Program offers three online learning activities for school nurses and other personnel to complete.

You have the choice of completing these via a direct link below or registering and completing these for Continuing Nursing Education credit.

To complete via a direct link, NOT for Continuing Nursing Education credit, click on these links below:

Earn CNE Credits

To complete the activities for Continuing Nursing Education credit, you will need to register at the site by completing a simple form and providing your email address. This is so we know where to send the Certificate.

Simply go to the PartnersPRN website to register at If you already have an account, select “Login”, and then simply log into your account with your email addressed previously used.  If you do not have an account, select “Register” and complete the form. Once you have completed the form, you can login using your email address.

You will find these learning activities under the category “School Nurse Education”.

To complete an activity for credit, you must enroll in the module, read the Disclosure information, watch the full Presentation, complete the Evaluation Survey, and complete a Post-Test.
The Hemophilia overview module offers 0.75 ANCC contact hours (activity expires 6/8/2026); the VWD module offers 0.5 ANCC contact hours (activity expires 12/29/2025); the SCD module offers 0.5 ANCC contact hours (activity expires 8/18/2025).

Direct any questions to Brooke Hernandez, Partners Program Manager, at [email protected] or 317-672-8614.