March is Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month

Mar 8, 2024

By: Divine Triplett

The Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center stands as the state’s sole federally recognized facility dedicated to addressing hemophilia and thrombosis.

Operating as a nonprofit entity in Indianapolis, it extends its services to patients across Indiana.

With over 60,000 individuals grappling with bleeding disorders in the state, many remain unaware of their conditions.

During Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month in March, Griffin Pickett, an 8-year-old from the Kokomo area, and his mother, Amy, aim to raise awareness about these disorders, aspiring to aid others facing similar challenges.

Griffin received a diagnosis of hemophilia shortly after birth, a moment that left Amy feeling fearful and uncertain about the road ahead.

Amy empathizes with other families who may experience similar emotions, striving to offer support and comfort to those navigating the same journey.

Witnessing other families with children thriving despite hemophilia instills hope and reassurance in Amy, driving her desire to share their experiences.

Amy’s diagnosis followed Griffin’s, further intertwining their journeys. Griffin plays a crucial role in supporting his mother through her treatment regimen.

Together, Griffin and Amy seek to amplify their story, hoping to provide solace and guidance to others grappling with bleeding disorders.

Through their advocacy efforts, they aspire to foster a sense of community and understanding, helping those who may feel isolated or overwhelmed by their circumstances.


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